The floating glamping that allows you to sleep on the water

Glamping on Water: Now Possible

The glamping came to stay and be one of the most sought options for travelers who love luxury and nature. Around the globe, more and more tents are emerging with innovative proposals designed for those seeking relaxation and disconnection.

On the lake of Zuienkerke, on the outskirts of Bruges (Belgium), these wonderful 8 tents float that is part of a floating hotel: Vlotkamp. An interesting glamping proposal that started from the hand of a couple of adventurers who already had experience in hotel management with a previous project, is about tents on the trees in the middle of the forest.

Floating Glamping: how the idea was inspired?

This time, Kika Merlin and Tobias Knockaert decided to go further and created a rafting camp. The idea of ​​sleeping on the water in floating tents is inspired by a Belgian tradition known as ” vlotkamp “, hence the name of this floating hotel.

It should be clarified that these eight tents are separated from each other to guarantee total privacy and tranquility of the guests. To reach them, you must navigate by canoe on Lake Zuienkerke, and once in the tent, be ready to live a unique experience, rest in the middle of nature.

Upon reaching its little floating corner, travelers will find that each tent is equipped with a Kingsize mattress, lights with a rechargeable battery, cushions, a rug, flowers and some decorative details. They also have a couple of chairs and a table on the porch to enjoy the starry sky or a candlelight dinner, although making fire or cooking in them is strictly prohibited. But you can bring the menu ready.

It is good to know that the sanitary block of this glamping is located on the mainland, behind the Polderwind hotel which is located on the same premises. There are 2 bathrooms, a shower, and 1 washing area. There is a mini toilet on the rafts, but it should be noted that this toilet is outdoors and should only be used in exceptional emergencies.

Glamping on Water: Disatvatages

What about bad weather? That is the only disadvantage that this floating glamping has, in case of storms or too much wind, it is not possible to stay on the rafts. In these exceptional cases, all guests are notified well in advance (that is, a few days before arrival) and the reservation can be rescheduled for another date without any problem, express from Vlotkamp.



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