Five Ways to Save on Energy Bills

With the colder weather approaching and the nights drawing in earlier, many of us are thinking about how to cut our energy bills this winter. The cost of heating and lighting is likely to become even more of a strain on household incomes after recent price hikes from suppliers. Luckily, there are various ways you can save on your energy bills this winter, without compromising on comfort or cutting back too much on your lifestyle. If you’re looking for ways to keep your home warm and cosy this winter while keeping your energy costs down, here are our top tips for saving money on your energy bills this winter:

Change your heating habits

There are many small changes you can make to your daily habits that can lessen your home’s energy requirements.

– Keep the curtains open – If you keep your curtains closed during the day, it’s like keeping your windows shut.

– Seal off any draughts – Check for any draughts in your home and seal them up.

– Close the fireplace – If you have a fireplace, close it off with the fireplace grate (or put a piece of wood across it) for the winter.

– Close the door on your appliances – Avoid leaving the microwave or other appliances on standby.

– Close the hot water tap – Don’t leave the hot water tap running while you’re cleaning your dishes.

– Keep the temperature low – Keep your thermostat temperature as low as is comfortable. Your body generates a lot of heat while you’re asleep, so you don’t need to keep the house as warm while you’re sleeping.

– Wear warmer clothes – If you’re going to be indoors for most of the day, wear warmer clothes.

– Close the curtains at night – Close your curtains at night to keep the heat inside your home.

– Use a blanket – If you’re cold at night, don’t turn up the temperature on your thermostat – instead, use a blanket.

– Seal up your home – Seal up any leaks in your home, such as gaps around your doors or windows.

– Close your blinds – Keep your blinds closed at midday if you don’t want to be left out in the cold.

– Avoid the dryer – Instead of drying your clothes in the dryer, hang them up on a clothesline outside.

– Close your freezer – If you can’t avoid running your appliances, like the freezer, close your freezer door when you’re not using it.

Install energy-efficient appliances

There are many ways to reduce your energy bills, but one of the best ways is by replacing your old appliances with more energy-efficient models. This can reduce your energy consumption by 40%, leading to significant cost savings in the long run. You may also be eligible for a government scheme to install energy-efficient appliances for free or at a reduced cost.

Some of the most energy-inefficient appliances in your home are your water heater, pool pump, water pump, and your air conditioner – so it’s worth checking these first. If you’re planning on buying any appliances, it’s worth checking their energy rating first. The more stars it has, the more energy-efficient it is. You can find out the energy rating of most appliances on their label or online.

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Get a smart thermostat

A smart thermostat is a great investment if you’re looking to reduce your energy bills. This device can automatically adjust the temperature as required, making it easier to keep your home at the right temperature throughout the day. A smart thermostat can be controlled remotely using an app on your phone, allowing you to change its settings while you’re out of the house or at work.

Some smart thermostats are compatible with a home automation system, allowing you to control many appliances in your home from the same app. If your home already has a home automation system, you may be able to integrate your thermostat with it.

Energy-efficient light bulbs

Replacing your light bulbs with energy-efficient models can significantly reduce your energy usage, and can help you reduce your energy bills. Energy-efficient light bulbs use about 75% less energy than traditional bulbs, saving you a significant amount on your electricity bill every year. There are various types of energy-efficient light bulbs available to buy, including LED, CFL, and halogen. LED lights are the most energy-efficient bulbs available and have a lifespan of up to 25,000 hours.

Insulate your home

One of the best ways to reduce your energy bills year-round is to insulate your home. Insulation helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, while preventing heat and noise from escaping. While it’s best to insulate your home as soon as you move in, it’s never too late to start. There are various types of insulation available, including thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, and vapour-proof insulation. The best type of insulation for your home depends on its construction, size, and location. If you’re planning to insulate your home, it’s best to start in the fall, to give yourself plenty of time to complete the project.


If you’re looking for ways to keep your home warm and cosy this winter while keeping your energy costs down, here are our top tips for saving money on your energy bills this winter:

  • Keep the curtains open
  • Seal off any draughts
  • Close the fireplace
  • Close the door on your appliances
  • Close the hot water tap
  • Keep the temperature low
  • Wear warmer clothes
  • Close the curtains at night
  • Use a blanket
  • Seal up your home
  • Close your blinds
  • Avoid the dryer
  • Close your freezer
  • These small changes to your daily habits can help you reduce the amount of energy your home uses, and therefore your energy bills. There are many ways to reduce your energy consumption, and it’s best to choose a combination of several of them to maximize your savings.


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