Home office: This is the way to hide your workplace at home

This modality is here to stay and has its deco trend, called “cloffice”. In the article we tell you what it is about and we also give you some interesting ideas to put it into practice.

The home office already has its own decoration trend, and it’s called “ cloffice ”.

The name comes from mixing the English words ” closet ” plus ” office “, and consists of creating workspaces hidden at home or naturally incorporated into the decoration of the environment. More precisely, in the closet.

Since last year setting up the home office has not been an easy task, nor is it easy to avoid the effect of work “invading” the home.

Already a year later, the hybrid modality and part-time work continue to demand versatile and equipped homes for this new style of work and domestic life.

This is how more and more interior designers have sought alternatives to generate desk and workspaces that are more integrated with the rest of the house, and even with the possibility of “hiding” once the tasks related to work or study are completed.

The key is to make the most of every centimeter and resource of the environment to multiply the options for use per square meter of the home.

There are a series of tips and proposals to do it in a simple and effective way, and thus achieve our “cloffice” corner at home.

As its name implies, “cloffice” consists of generating a desk space within a closet or “closet”.

This allows us to separate our workplace from the rest of our life at home and proposes a way to cut through long working hours.

It is about being able to close and disconnect from the place we use to perform professionally.

The lighting is essential for a professional activity to take place in a pleasant way. And if the natural light is not enough, the space must be illuminated with dimmable LED lamps, strips, or sconces, generating warmth or brilliance.

The connectivity is essential. It is necessary to install accessible USB charger ports, avoiding excess cables since it is a small space and it has to be comfortable and efficient.

One of the basic premises of the “cloffice” indicates “more life per square meter”: this means that we all seek to get the most benefit and comfort from each of our meters.

Two ideal door options for workspaces inside a closet are the doors that close the space and that when opened are hidden inside the furniture and the sliding barn door that are very fashionable today in decoration.



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