Meet the new attraction that catches everyone’s attention in New York

New York opened an attraction that stands in the middle of Times Square. It is more than 30 meters and captures the attention of all visitors who are in the heart of the Big Apple.

In its plan to recover tourism, New York opened a few days ago an attraction that stands in the middle of Times Square . A Ferris wheel that allows you to have wonderful views of one of the most emblematic and striking places in the world.

The Chicago Wheel , as it is known in various countries, is over 100 feet high and captures the attention of all visitors who are in the heart of the Big Apple . This attraction will be open until September 12 and in a few days it managed to go around the world through social networks. Hundreds of users shared photos and videos from the different angles of this wheel .

According to the mayor, Bill de Blasio, in a press conference, what was sought with the installation of this surprising attraction is for it to become an emblem of recovery and to bring “even more energy and emotion” to this area, which was unusually Empty during the pandemic and today it is gathering crowds again. And especially a sample of the reactivation of tourism .

“This Chicago wheel is a symbol that we are getting back to doing things. The empty Times Square was symbolic of the closure of New York and now we want to be a symbol of resilience and recovery,” added the president of the Alliance’s business advocacy group. from Times Square, Tom Harris.

This new attraction, NEW 110-ft Ferris Wheel, in the Big Apple is also a way to incentivize those who have not yet decided to get vaccinated. Those in charge of taking it to that place have decided to give away free spins on the wheel of fortune to those who have completed their vaccination schedule against covid-19 from August 1 to September 12.

In addition, those who wish to go up by paying the entrance can do so by paying $ 15 for children, $ 20 for adults, $ 35 for those who do not want to queue and children under two years free. The wheel is located exactly on Broadway Plaza between 47th and 48th Street.



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