How to transform your home bathroom into a spa

Nothing better than coming home to rest and relax. In this note, tips, and keys to create a relaxing space in your home.

We love being at home, longer than before, or coming home after a day’s work.

Nowhere are we more comfortable than at home, and so that this everyday experience is lived as a special experience, we can set up some environments especially to be better. The bathroom is one of them. It is a super intimate place that offers many possibilities to make it more comfortable so that it provides us with a greater feeling of well-being and happiness.

How? It is a matter of setting and decoration with small details and ideas that will make big differences.

1.Perfume to relax. Fragrances take us to a place of greater fulfillment in the home itself. And that function is fulfilled by essential oil diffusers whose aromas create pleasant spaces, anti-stress and capable of improving the mood.

There are many diffuser options, but the most important thing is to find the perfume with the tones and properties tailored to your taste, vibrations and needs.

Lavender, sweet citrus, menthol, wood, eucalyptus … more water. It is the simplest formula for success so that a diffuser fulfills its function in the environment, and also offers a resource for the Zen decoration of the bathroom.

There are diffusers that even come with interchangeable LED lights to enhance the experience of calm and well-being.

2.Music in the bathroom. Bringing a bluetooth speaker to listen to a previously chosen playlist of “relaxing” music is a perfect complement to enjoy the moment of calm.

3.The key is in the bathtub. It is the right place to surround it with accessories to have a good time.

Among them, we recommend bath pillows, a mini zen garden and scented candles. Like diffusers, candles provide fresh and invigorating scents.

4.Relax and entertainment. If the intention is to distract us much more than close our eyes and rest, having an entertainment platform is key. And we are not talking about a streaming channel but about a “cross bath”; an organizer shelf -preferably made of wood- to keep both functional bathroom accessories and amenities at hand: a book, a magazine, or the tablet to “marathon” during a plunge bath.

5. Plants in the bathroom. It is a basic when preparing an environment with positive and harmonic sensations.

The entrance to the interior of the plants is a deco trend that also reached the bathroom.

In addition to renewing the oxygen in the environment and eliminating bad odors and humidity, they are a natural decoration alternative.

Not all plants are suitable to keep well in the bathroom, and among the most suitable and resistant we suggest lavender, azalea, geranium, mint and chrysanthemum.

Beyond the accessories and ideas mentioned, the most important element so that living the experience of a spa in your own home is possible is not in any magical object but rather it is in your will and commitment to take time to organize, live and enjoy a special moment.



Jeff Stewart

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