Living In A Van Can Be Better Than It Sounds

With more Britons choosing to make their home behind a wheel rather than a picket fence, van life is not a last resort anymore. It has become a very popular option across the UK.

Living In A Van

Van life is more than just adding a vehicle to the small home trend. It’s a way of living that trades mundane routines to exciting outdoor adventures, materialism for minimalism, and taking control of your life and time.

Although the appeal of saying goodbye to mortgage fees or rent might attract you to this lifestyle, it’s the capacity to experience anything you want, whenever and wherever you like, this is what attracts more people to van life.

As long as you’re mentally and physically prepared, van life offers invaluable chances to discover the planet, grow more as an individual, and realize what matters more in life. And yes, one can easily cut back on their expenses.

Why Van Life Is Better Than It Sounds

It isn’t surprising that adventurers across the UK have been keen to get into this fast-growing bandwagon. Here are some of the reasons why van life has grown rapidly across the UK.

Adventure And Freedom

Equipped with home comforts and essentials in one tiny, but convenient space, you can greatly enjoy the freedom of wandering wherever this journey takes you. You got a reason to smile because adventure awaits you in every turn. Fortunately, caravan, motorhome, or campervan living offers you the flexibility of exploring like no other.

You’re never tied to a strict travel agenda or lease; you can explore the open road with no pressure. Loving a certain village? Want to stay another day. Not happy with your current camping spot? Ready to move to your next destination? Get going because there’s nothing to stop you. With its endless opportunities and inherent spontaneity, you can enjoy van life.

An Opportunity To Cut Back On Costs

One of the best things about living in a van is no more utility payments, mortgage, or rent; this can save you lots of money – especially with regards to housing.

With the average rent of about £1000 in the United Kingdom, rising living expenses are a major driving factor behind living in a van. And do not get us started on Manchester where rents pay an average of £1,500 every month. Now imagine being able to save up to £15,000 every year on housing and just spending £15 per day.

Nevertheless, it’s important to take note of the fact that living in a van isn’t a magical solution to zero expenses. You will still be required to pay for campground facilities, vehicle maintenance, and petrol. Since you’re in complete control of your spending in such domains, the costs will eventually depend on your living preferences.

A Chance To Live More, But With Less

Your van has a limited space, which means you’ll need to re-evaluate your possessions and only carry what you really need. The good thing is that minimalist living teaches you to live more with less and appreciate everything that comes your way.


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