What Make Bloody Mary Different From Other Cocktails

Is there another cocktail that’s as unique as the bloody Mary? It’s a drink that you can never feel neutral about, you either love it or you don’t like the flavors of alcohol, spice, lemon, and tomato.

But for people who fancy sipping their lycopene through a straw and in style, there’s something fascinating about the bloody Mary.

Following are some of the things that make bloody Mary different from other cocktails.

It’s Easy To Make

With many cocktails, utilizing a mix shows you’re lazy, but with bloody Mary, it’s a sign that you’re a lazy genius because unlike other Mudslides and margaritas, there are many remarkable bloody Mary variations out there including that’s which is made of 5th gen. BBQ sauce.

You Can Put Anything You Want In The Bloody Mary

Here is a small list of the ingredients used in a contest at a New York L’Apicio restaurant:

Green tomatoes, tomatillos, pickled shishito pepper, chile piquin, clementine, caper berries, dill infusion, mango infusion, pepperoncini, carrot juice, yuzu kosho, Montreal steak spice, salami, beef stock, ground fennel seed, fresh ginger juice, curry powder, grapefruit, san marzano tomatoes, chili flake, pickled jicama, heirloom carrot, butternut squash, red wine, spicy marinara, blood orange juice, black truffle salt, porcini mushrooms, mescal, roasted tomato, sriracha, Dijon, olive brine, cayenne, bruleed bacon, freshly cooked slab bacon, and ancho chile bbq sauce.


Breaking down all the spices and foodstuffs greatly distracts you from processes, which causes a bad feeling. It’s full of antioxidants.

It also contains lots of vegetables, if you cannot find these here, then you won’t find them anywhere else.

You Can Drink It Very Early In The Morning

Drinking blood Mary early in the morning is common. However, drinking other cocktails such as Bellini at 6 am is quite ridiculous.

Its Name Is Of Unknown Origin

Maybe bloody Mary is named after Queen Mary. Or Mary Pickford or the waitress from a bar in Chicago who was more attractive than her colleagues, bloody Mildred, and bloody Frannie. Nobody knows, but bloody Mary is without a doubt better than the initial name, Red Snapper, which sounds more like the place you would take your family on Sunday for dinner because the unlimited salads give you the chance to pretend like you’re trying to lose weight.

Final Thoughts

Bloody Mary isn’t considered to be an evening drink, because those who drink it in the evening have said it posses some personality defects. On the other hand, it’s a great antidote for hangovers, and people who consume it in the morning are considered as people of unerring discernment and great knowledge.


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