No flour or butter: Delicious blueberry pudding with few ingredients

This blueberry pudding combines the softness of this type of dessert and the unmistakable flavor of red fruits.

For fans of red berries, below we share the recipe and everything you need to know to prepare a delicious blueberry pudding without flour or butter and with few ingredients. Would you dare to do it?

It must be clarified that when it is said that the pudding does not contain flour, it refers to the traditional one, that is, the one that contains gluten. On this occasion, the choice that is made is that of rice flour, although other variants can also be used. Now let’s cook!

Homemade Blueberry Pudding Ingredients

To prepare this incredible blueberry pudding you need:

240 gr. of blueberries.

210 gr. of rice flour.

130 gr. of sugar.

50 ml. of water.

40 ml. of oil.

8 gr. of baking powder.

3 eggs.

1 pinch of vanilla essence.

How to make this blueberry pudding without flour or butter step by step?

The first thing to do is put the rice flour, sugar, and baking powder in a container, and mix until everything is unified.

In another bowl, do the same with the eggs, the oil, and the vanilla essence. Once the mixture is even, begin to integrate the preparation of the powders into it, and stir until you obtain a homogeneous mass.

At this point, it is time to add the water . As in the previous steps, the key is to add it little by little and without stopping stirring, in such a way that it is integrated in the best possible way.

To finish, just add the blueberries and finish mixing so that the preparation is ready. Next, it’s time to bake.

It is important that the mold chosen to make the pudding is covered with parchment paper or a thin layer of oil, in order to prevent it from sticking.

As for the oven, it must be preheated to a temperature of 180 ° C.How long does the pudding have to cook for? About 40 minutes, approximately, or until you insert a toothpick in its center and observe that it comes out clean and dry.

Once it’s removed from the oven, it’s just a matter of letting it cool, unmold, and serve. Ready! The flourless, butterless blueberry pudding is finished and ready to enjoy. Do you already know what you would like to accompany it with?


Hanna Eirian

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