Homemade mustard: Learn how to prepare the best seasoning of all at home

There are many seasonings for different preparations, but a slice of meat with a little homemade mustard is the downfall. In this article, we teach you how to prepare this cream with the grain in your own home. A true delight!

The possibilities that can be presented to us in the world of cooking are infinite to use the tasty dressing that mustard means. And learning how to make homemade mustard to put on a chicken, to spread on a sandwich, or also to season a slice of delicious baked meat, for example, is a great idea.

For those who love aromas and spices, this recipe is a marvel, as mustard is one of the best. For our homemade mustard, we will use mustard skinned or in grains, an ingredient that has been a replacement for sugar as a sweetener.

The most commonly used mustard grains are white, wild, and black . The recipe that we will share with you will be the seasoning loaded with the ideal flavor to make at home.

Ingredients :

100 g. yellow mustard grains

100 g. vinegar

150 ml. of water

60 g. of honey

1 tsp. turmeric

Salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste


Take a container and place the mustard grains, then we cover it with vinegar and 100 ml. of water for 12 hours.

Later we add the rest of the ingredients, we crush it in a blender or processor.

We take a pot, and pour the preparation to cook it for 3 minutes or when it begins to thicken, it is removed from the heat.

We prepare a jar to preserve them, previously sanitized, we leave it for 3 days to reduce its bitterness

You can vacuum pack it to keep it for a long time for months, otherwise, in a jar, it will last for 2 weeks.


Annette Rhonwen

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