The foods with which apple cider vinegar combines the best

Apple cider vinegar is one of the most unique seasonings for food. What are its characteristics and what foods does it combine best with? Find out in our article below.

Apple cider vinegar and its gastronomic functions

As its name indicates, apple vinegar is a type of vinegar obtained from the fermentation of cider or the juice of this fruit . This means that, unlike white, it has a unique flavor and aroma, which stand out especially in the culinary use that is made of it.

In this regard, it must be said that apple cider vinegar works as an excellent condiment for a large number of meals. Like the traditional one, one of its most frequent uses tends to be in salads, in any of its forms.

A simple example but with gourmet details is that of the spinach salad, which is made using raw leaves in combination with cheese or mozzarella and crushed walnuts.

Something similar could be said of the cabbage and carrot salad, a variant as light as it is delicious that it is even ideal to accompany other dishes.

Other foods in which apple cider vinegar can be applied as a seasoning

For meat lovers, apple cider vinegar is exquisite when combined with white meat (rabbit, chicken), fish, and even pork.

In some cases, it can be added as a condiment towards the end of the preparation and in others, as part of the cooking process.

Apple is a vinegar that is also used in beef carpaccio , when preparing gazpacho, and even when cooking different sauces, including homemade ketchup and English.

On the other hand, although it is not strictly a kitchen use, it should also be mentioned that, as a cleaning product, it is perfect for the disinfection of fruits and vegetables, especially the leaves of the latter.

In short, it is a natural product that not only provides a very distinctive flavor and aroma to meals but also offers many benefits in terms of body care.

What do you say? Are you using apple cider vinegar with meals? If not, would you like to try it?


Annette Rhonwen

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