This is the star space of your home: How to decorate it?

It is the access to the house and the first that a visitor to your home sees. We tell you some keys for its hygiene and organization. Did you know that it is now called a “mudroom”? A functional corner with many decoration options.

For a long time, it was a place of passage and invisible for decoration. But today the entrance to the home or hall is the protagonist of the first view and organization of the house.

It is the transition space from the outside to the inside, and now it has its own name: mudroom. It is so-called because it is identified with country houses or very cold places that require having clothing and accessories on hand to enter and leave the home.

It is nothing more and nothing less than that place we need to leave our shoes, a coat and accessories as soon as we enter the house. And, conversely, have everything on hand to go out.

Today the lobby is no longer a forgotten corner and takes on strategic value, it proved its usefulness and is even the protagonist of the decoration.

Five tips to organize and decorate the hall

  1. Armarlo to the measure of the members of the household. Each one has to have their assigned place to put and have their belongings within reach: footwear, chinstrap, purse or backpack, and coat.
  2. The basic elements of the hall. The mudroom has to be well provided with floating shelves, hooks, as well as a bench to support the shoes, and even to sit and put on or take them off.
  3. Other accessories: baskets and organizers, and even a mini cabinet to make the most of space and storage places.
  4. A mirror can be a decorative and functional accessory. It is useful and also increases the perspective of the lobby.
  5. It is worth decorating a hall but without excess because its function must be utilitarian. Likewise, to beautify it we recommend using plants and pictures.



Terry Miriam

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